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The Creditsafe Story

As the world’s most used provider of business credit reports, we’ve changed the way business information is used through our passion to deliver superior business data.

Creditsafe delivers the most accurate and up-to-date information in an easy to use format on over 365 million businesses worldwide. This makes our scores & limits among the most trusted in the industry and can predict nearly 70% of insolvencies up to 12 months in advance. By creating the world’s most predictive scorecard, our clients are able to make more informed decisions to protect themselves and their businesses of potential risks in advance.

We make our business credit reports easy-to-understand, so anyone can use them, even those without a financial background. Creditsafe is proud to maintain a 95% customer retention rate, thanks to our ease of use, international reach and continuous improvement to our products.

With 24 offices worldwide, Creditsafe offers instant access business credit reports in nearly every country in the world.


Our History

  1. 1997 Oslo, Norway
  2. 1998 Gothenburg, Sweden
  3. 2000 London, UK
  4. 2002 Cardiff, Wales
  5. 2006 Roubaix, France
  6. 2008 Dublin, Ireland
  7. 2008 The Hague, Holland
  8. 2010 Berlin, Germany
  9. 2011 Brussels, Belgium
  10. 2012 Pennyslvania, USA
  11. 2013 Turin, Italy
  12. 2014 Arizona, USA
  13. 2016 Fukuoka, Japan
  14. 2017 Oslo, Norway
  15. 2020 Toronto, Canada
  16. 2023 Graydon Acquisition
Oslo, Norway

Our journey began in Oslo, Norway in 1997, where we had a dream of using the emerging and revolutionary technology of the internet to deliver instant business credit reports to small and medium size businesses that were previously ignored by traditional suppliers. By selling over the telephone and delivering reports over the internet, Creditsafe offered its customers greater value for their money and undercut the established players.

Following the Norwegian launch, Creditsafe established an office in Gothenburg Sweden in 1998 before moving to the UK in 2000. Creditsafe relocated the UK sales operation to Caerphilly, Wales in 2002 and quickly grew to become the UK's most-used supplier of business credit reports. In 2006, Creditsafe France was launched in Roubaix near Lille, heralding a period of swift and continuing growth around Europe. Additional entities were later launched in Ireland in 2007, the Netherlands in 2008, Germany in 2010, and Italy in 2013. Creditsafe moved outside Europe in 2012 with the founding of Creditsafe USA in Allentown Pennsylvania. In 2016 we entered Asia by opening Creditsafe Japan and Creditsafe Technology India. In 2016 we also returned to our roots and opened a new office in Oslo, Norway. 2020 saw us partner with Equifax and open our operation in Toronto, Canada. Our newest operation is opened in 2021 at Hellerup, Denmark.
In addition to these entities, Creditsafe has a shared service center in the bustling and exciting Cardiff Bay development in Wales’ capital city. This office provides a central location for a number of support and development functions for the Creditsafe Group.

Working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, we provide trusted insight obtained through solid data sources and intuitive platforms, enabling businesses to make better-informed credit decisions.

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Our Vision & Mission

From changing the way business information is used, we now strive for greatness on a global scale; to become the global business intelligence experts with passion and drive to deliver superior information worldwide.

  • Fair

    Internally, we strongly believe in staff engagement and therefore everybody can have an opinion and a fair chance to voice it. We want fair management through selling and not telling. We reward success, punish inaction and don’t fear failure. Externally, we also believe in treating our customers fairly and strive for excellent customer service as well as a fair pricing model.

  • Different

    We recognise that life is too short to be bored in work, that’s why we work so hard to create an environment that is so different from the ‘normal’ office. The fact that “it’s never been done that way before” does not make it wrong. We always aim to create a workplace where people want to come to work on a Monday morning. Here at Creditsafe we dare to be different. We continue to be disruptive in the marketplace and create unique data in order to better our offerings to our customers.

  • Proactive

    Either get ahead, or get left behind. We do not believe in being the ‘copycats’ in our market. We want to become the market leaders, decision makers and always be amongst the first to take action. We feel we are innovative and can more often than not establish a customers needs before they do.

  • Fast

    We pride ourselves on being the fast paced company in our industry. We are fast in decision making, speed to market and taking action when necessary. However, we must ensure the speed in which we work does not compromise the quality of the service we provide. We look to absorb all customers’ ideas and needs to deliver them in an efficient and effective way.

Where you'll find us...

We are based at RMZ Futura smartly located in the HITEC City, one of the prominent information technology hubs of rapidly growing Hyderabad.

RMZ Futura, adjacent to Cyber Gateway, is well connected and there are many entertainment zones & food joints near by. You can reach RMZ Futura by walk in just 5 mins from Raidurg metro station opposite to Raheja Mindspace IT park.

Where you'll find us...