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    Hello and welcome! We thought we would share exactly what we’re all about here at the Creditsafe Group. Think of this as a ‘hub’ where you can find all the information you might need about who we are, what we do, our culture, our people and what life is like working for Creditsafe.

The Creditsafe Story…

Established in 1997, Creditsafe are global business intelligence experts, providing the latest business data that companies and lenders can use to make informed credit decisions. Creditsafe is the world’s most used supplier of online company credit reports, and provides business intelligence on 320 million companies.

Creditsafe has 17 offices across 14 countries, including two offices in Wales, two in England, Germany & France, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, India and Japan and we employ over 1,500 people globally.

Our continued growth and success is attributed to the passion that our employees have for our business, this is evident in all of our operations world-wide and something that we’re extremely proud of.

Take a look around our site and find out a little bit more about Creditsafe, if you like what you see and want to be part of the Creditsafe revolution then get in touch!


Our History

  1. 1997 Oslo, Norway
  2. 1998 Gothenburg, Sweden
  3. 2000 London, Uk
  4. 2002 Cardiff, Wales
  5. 2006 Roubaix, France
  6. 2008 Dublin, Ireland
  7. 2008 The Hague, Holland
  8. 2010 Berlin, Germany
  9. 2011 Brussels, Belgium
  10. 2012 Pennsylvania, USA
  11. 2013 Turin, Italy
  12. 2014 Arizona, USA
  13. 2016 Fukuoka, Japan
Oslo, Norway

From starting out in Norway in 1997, we are incredibly proud of our organic growth across the globe over the last 20+ years. Exporting our unique company culture to every country in which we launch, Creditsafe has demonstrated that when a company places a focus on “creating a company where people want to come to work every Monday morning”, it transcends geographical or cultural differences.

Creditsafe in Numbers

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Our Vision & Mission

From changing the way business information is used, we now strive for greatness on a global scale; to become the global business intelligence experts with passion and drive to deliver superior information worldwide.

  • fair


    Internally, we strongly believe in staff engagement and therefore everybody can have an opinion and a fair chance to voice it. We want fair management through selling and not telling. We reward success, punish inaction and don’t fear failure. Externally, we also believe in treating our customers fairly and strive for excellent customer service as well as a fair pricing model.

  • different


    We recognise that life is too short to be bored in work, that’s why we work so hard to create an environment that is so different from the ‘normal’ office. The fact that “it’s never been done that way before” does not make it wrong. We always aim to create a workplace where people want to come to work on a Monday morning. Here at Creditsafe we dare to be different. We continue to be disruptive in the marketplace and create unique data in order to better our offerings to our customers.

  • proactive


    Either get ahead, or get left behind. We do not believe in being the ‘copycats’ in our market. We want to become the market leaders, decision makers and always be amongst the first to take action. We feel we are innovative and can more often than not establish a customers needs before they do.

  • fast


    We pride ourselves on being the fast paced company in our industry. We are fast in decision making, speed to market and taking action when necessary. However, we must ensure the speed in which we work does not compromise the quality of the service we provide. We look to absorb all customers’ ideas and needs to deliver them in an efficient and effective way.

Open Positions

As a company that is continuing to grow we’re always on the lookout for fresh new talent to join us here at Creditsafe, where it’s never “just a job”. We want motivated, career driven individuals who want to work for a company where they are encouraged to be themselves and continuously develop.

Position Department Location
Data Engineer Data Engineering
Cardiff Bay, Wales
Software Developer – Full Stack Development
Cardiff Bay, Wales
Technical Agile Development Team Leader/Scrum Master Development
Cardiff Bay, Wales
In-house Legal Counsel Legal and Compliance
, Wales
Service Reliability Manager Group IT & Security
Cardiff Bay, Wales
Service Reliability Engineer Group IT and Security
Cardiff Bay, Wales

If you can’t see your ideal job listed please still get in touch, there may be things in the pipeline.

Employee Benefits

We have a huge range of great benefits to make sure everybody has something to smile about!

  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Referral Scheme
  • Life Assurance
  • Accredited Qualifications
  • EAP Scheme
  • Beer & Soft Drinks Fridge
  • e-Learning Platforms
  • Table Tennis, Pool & Darts

Life at Creditsafe

Where you'll find us...

We are based at Caspian Point 1, a prime location in Cardiff Bay’s prestigious waterside development and just a short distance from the M4 and the City Centre. Cardiff Bay train station is a 5-minute walk away, as well as numerous bus stops, we also offer free parking.

With so many attractions in Cardiff Bay, it’s kind of special when the sun is shining and you can stroll around the Bay for some fresh air or enjoy lunch at Mermaid Quay.

Where you'll find us...