Data Collection Specialist

Job Title: Data Collection Specialist
Location: Allentown, USA
Start Date: October 1, 2021
Department: Data

Job Summary / Purpose:

Data Collection Specialist’s work primarily with existing Creditsafe customers by securing their Trade Payment Data (TPD). This role plays an important part of the Creditsafe business, adding value to the Trade Payment Database, providing Creditsafe customers with increased levels of data from which to make informed business decisions.

Primary responsibilities:
Duties shall include but not be limited to the following

  • Contacting current Creditsafe Customers about Trade Data
    • Contacting current Creditsafe customers via telephone or online meetings to speak about trade payment data and obtaining trade payment data files from these customers.
    • Complete product demo to highlight additional services provided for trade contributors
  • Prospecting for potential Trade Data providers
    • Making direct contact with potential Trade Payment Data providers because of personal prospecting
  • Target Achievement
    • Achieve Monthly Targets (on but not limited to the following)
      • Trade Payment Data Files
      • Trade Payment Data Trade Lines
      • Extract Software Installs
      • Repeat Trade Payment Data Files Collected
      • Customer Training
  • TPD Provider support
    • Complete product Demo to all prospective providers
    • Where Trade Payment Data providers are Creditsafe customers – ensure synergy of communication with the Creditsafe CRM Account Manager
    • Support the Trade Payment Data provider through the installation of the extraction software
    • In scenarios where the use of Trade Payment Data extraction software cannot be employed – assist the Trade Payment Data provider in establishing the best form of data extraction to be used (FTP, SFTP, Email, etc.)
    • Ensure data queries from Trade Payment Data providers are resolved in an efficient and timely manner

Candidate requirements

Key Skills:

  • Highly motivated and driven to deliver outstanding customer service
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks in parallel
  • Accomplished negotiator
  • Ability to achieve and exceed monthly targets
  • Great communicator
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Able to effectively manage processes that involve multiple commercial departments, each with varying priorities


  • Two years or more experience in a sales or data acquisition role within a business-to-business environment (Preferably within the business information industry)
  • Proficient computer skills and ability to use Microsoft Office Products
  • Successful track record in target achievement (sales or customer service)
  • Demonstrable experience of working directly with Credit Control Managers and Financial Directors

Minimum Requirements:

  • MS Office or equivalent (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access etc.).
  • Communication software experience, e.g., E-mail, Teams, Zoom etc.
  • General understanding of various ERP Software.
  • The ability to communicate and listen effectively.
  • A fantastic telephone manner, easily understandable and with clear pronunciation
  • Organized with excellent time management skills Self-motivation and ambition.