Helens Career Progression

I started out in Creditsafe nearly 9 years ago as an Oracle developer. I’d been working in IT for 15 years or so, so I was completely used to being one of very few females in a male dominated industry. It was a pleasant surprise to find more women already in the IT dept at CS than I’d ever worked with before.

I worked on general development for France for a few years and then I was offered the opportunity to take the knowledge I had learned about our scorecards from France and move into a role where I would develop the scorecards for every country. I was free to design the technical aspect as I saw fit and I was able to move the technology to different platforms alongside our core IT systems. Now I manage a team within data engineering so I’m able to still do some development while also doing some people management and help plan and organise our department – which I enjoy a great deal.​​​​​​​

In general, I have always felt trusted and appreciated here at Creditsafe and I’ve enjoyed every role I’ve had. I’ve never seen or felt any gender bias at all, so my experience as a female is one where there it literally makes no difference.