Aimee’s Career Progression

Did you know only 31% of the UK tech work industry is made up of women? (Feb 2021), Well I didn’t… In fact, I didn’t know anything about the tech industry, not even what was going on in the departments two floors above where I was working every day.

I joined Creditsafe in 2018 with a couple of years in Marketing under my belt. After a couple of harrowing job positions, I started to wonder if post-uni life was destined to be the miserable graft of “all-work-no-play”. That’s when I applied for a Marketing Executive position in Creditsafe Group.

As soon as I started at Creditsafe I knew it was different to jobs I’d had previously – for a start, people seemed to like each other… Breaks and socialising were encouraged, and everyone was eagerly awaiting the new games room to be finished. A couple of years into this position and a few wild Creditsafe parties later, I was still loving working at Creditsafe, the people I was working with, and the general attitude of the business towards its staff.

Early 2020, pre-covid, a small restructure led me to being offered a role within IT as an IT Administrative Assistant. This was definitely not what I expected, but I was keen to continue my time at Creditsafe so packed up my desk and popped up to the fourth floor of the Cardiff Bay office. I was pleased to have the opportunity to learn new skills, but I never realised how little I knew about the Tech departments. Other than complaining about any laptop issues I was having I never really wondered how things worked upstairs.

Fast forward to March and I found myself in the eye of the Covid-storm. I watched all these lovely hard-working people bend over backwards to ensure everyone in the business could work from home and keep the business flowing. The overtime, the preparation of plan A, B’s and C’s, the teamwork – it’s really hard to appreciate all the amazing work IT was doing unless you saw it first-hand.

Even from home I felt really supported by the department, from my line managers to my new directors. Straight away I was put on a ITIL Foundation course to help build my knowledge and had lots of help learning about all the tech acronyms and how the departments work together. My managers (I had two during this first IT position, thanks Mark and Gareth!) were very supportive of my development, giving lots of advice and opportunities to get new experience. There’s a lot of directions you can go within Technology, after a year learning the ropes and about all the departments, I found myself drawn to Project Management.

A part of it was feeling like I could be helpful, even if I’m not the techiest person in the room. After using my past marketing experience to help on a few projects, I told my managers that’s what I wanted to do and pleaded my case to the PMO team. Luckily, they took a chance and found a place for me on their team (thanks also Rhys & Gerard!).

Project Management is a bit like spinning 10 plates whilst standing on your head, and despite the hectic nature of it, I’m really enjoying it. I love working across several different departments, working with people and problem solving towards a common goal. My new team has been incredibly supportive, helping me develop whilst keeping it fun. I know taking on someone without much experience takes a lot of extra resource, so I really appreciate the effort that’s gone into getting me to where I am.

I recently completed my Prince2 Agile Practitioner certificate and am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do it through work. I learnt a lot whilst doing it and gaining new globally recognised qualifications really reassures me that taking the chance on a new career was the right thing for me to do.

There are a lot of opportunities within Creditsafe, and people are actively trying to help you get where you want to be. I’ve found that no matter which department I’m in, just love developing my career here.

And as always, I’m looking forward to the next party.