Test Engineer

Job Title: Test Engineer
Location: Cardiff Bay, Wales
Salary: up to £40,000.00 per annum depending on experience
Department: Development
Reports To: Test Engineering Lead

We are looking for a Test Engineer who will become part of our team building the new Creditsafe web platform. Based on the test strategy and approach you will develop, enhance and execute tests that add value to the team deliverables. You will contribute to the existing automation framework by adding tests based on appropriate test scenarios and design patterns. You can confidently communicate test results with your team members and stakeholders using evidence and reports. You will be part of an Agile team and will effectively contribute to the ceremonies, acting as the quality specialist within that team. You are an advocate for quality and will actively promote this within your team and the wider development community.

The ideal candidate understands that skilled testing comprises more than just the automation of user-stories. You understand, and can articulate, the value of exploratory testing. You have critical thinking skills and can diplomatically communicate within, and outside your areas of responsibility, challenging assumptions where required.

We will use React to create a single unified website for our customers supplemented by .Net Core microservice API’s. You will have experience in working with modern front-end testing frameworks such as Cucumber, Cypress or RSpec. You have experience with API testing using a tool such as Postman.

Required Skills
· An understanding of Agile development methodologies and their role on an Agile team
· Knowledge of ATDD, BDD, Unit testing, Integration testing and Acceptance testing
· An ability to read and write code suitable for automation
· A good understanding of the defect management lifecycle
· A practical understanding of web technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
· A practical understanding of RESTful APIs & SOAP
· A working knowledge of cloud technologies, preferably AWS and/or Azure DevOps
· A working knowledge of CI/CD
· A good understanding of the SDLC and test activities that can be performed at each phase
· Practical experience of exploratory testing
· An understanding of performance testing strategies and how to apply them

Desirable Skills
· An understanding of version control systems
· An understanding of the value of code reviews
· An understanding of pair testing and pair programming
· Previous experience with mentoring Junior Test Engineers

Primary Responsibilities
· Develop and maintain test artefacts created using Cypress and Postman
· Carry out functional, non-functional and acceptance testing in-line with the test strategy and processes
· Work closely with their Agile team to promote a whole team approach to quality
· Manage and coordinate regression testing as part of the development cycle
· Be the quality specialist within your Agile team and advocate for the appropriate levels of testing
· Document approaches and processes that improve the quality effort for use by team members and the wider test function
· Have strong practical knowledge of software testing techniques and the ability to select the correct technique dependent on the problem at hand
· Accurately and concisely document tasks using JIRA, TFS or Azure Boards
· Practical experience of exploratory testing
· Undertake peer reviews of test artefacts produced by the team
· Communicate progress in an understandable manner to relevant stakeholders
· An understanding of performance testing strategies and how to apply them
· Creation and maintenance of concise and accurate defect reports in line with the established defect process

Behavioural skills

· Teamwork – Encourages cooperation, collaboration, both within their team and the wider test community
· Quality Improvement – Acts as the quality advocate within their team and takes the initiative to make improvements
· Problem Solving – Identifies problems within the team that would threaten the value of the product and seeks solutions by collaboration
· Seeks feedback from team members and provides feedback to team members


· Can work independently within the constraints of their Agile team
· Can determine when issues should be escalated

· Interacts with and influences colleagues in a positive manner
· Has a supervisory mindset
· Can make decisions which impact the work assigned to individuals or projects

· Can grasp complex concepts and form an understanding and knows when to ask for clarification
· Performs a range of work, sometimes complex and non-routine, in a variety of environments
· Applies a methodical approach to issue definition and resolution.

Business skills
· Demonstrates an analytical and systematic approach to issue resolution
· Takes the initiative in identifying and negotiating appropriate personal development opportunities
· Demonstrates effective communication skills
· Plans, schedules, and monitors own work (and that of others where directed) competently within limited deadlines and according to relevant legislation, standards, and procedures
· Appreciates the wider business context, and how their own role relates to other roles and to the business objectives of Creditsafe