Python Developer

Job Title: Python Developer
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Salary: Market Rate
Department: Development
Reports To: Team Lead

You will be working closely with the Data Vault team building specific systems facilitating the transition from legacy data processing platforms and approaches to a more dynamic data pipeline based approach. The developer role plays a vital role within a delivery team taking responsibility for the delivery and maintenance of quality software code. This is an opportunity to work with large volumes of data and gain some exposure to big data architectures.

Required Skills
• Experience of reading and writing data using Python and SQL.
• Understanding of Agile development methodologies.
• Python unit testing Frameworks such as Pytest and Nose.
• Familiarity with cloud technology, preferably AWS.
• Good understanding of GIT.
• Knowledge of automated delivery processes.

Desirable Skills
• Understanding of MPP data platforms such as Apache Hive, Presto, Spark, Redshift.
• Experience of working with large datasets.
• Building and consuming REST based APIs.
• Part of building highly available systems at scale.

Primary Responsibilities
• Play a hands on, role as part of a scrum or Kanban team to design, develop, test and maintain high quality web applications and backend services that fulfil business needs.
• Extraction and Transformation of data from various source types including files, databases, APIs and various cloud based systems using Python.
• Help support the team in maintaining existing software and data infrastructure.
• Strong focus on quality. Define and execute practices such as continuous integration, test driven development to enable rapid delivery of working code.
• Write documentation of process and frameworks you’ve implemented to knowledge share.
• Work with python frameworks such as Pandas, Flask, Airflow and SQL Alchemy.
• Improving scalability and performance of our systems.
• Managing, tracking and updating any work done within agile software development tools such as JIRA.

• 3 – 7 year’s solid development experience within a commercial environment
• Knowledge and experienced of Agile development methodologies
• Solid experience of working with multiple coding languages
• Good understanding of code optimisation techniques and applying industry standard design patterns
• Familiarity with cloud technology preferably AWS
• Knowledge of automated delivery processes.
• Proficient working in a Unix based environment.
• Exposure to Python Frameworks such as SQL Alchemy, Flask, Pandas and Apache Airflow.

Behavioural skills
• Teamwork – Encourages cooperation, collaboration and partnerships
• Quality Improvement – Strives for high quality performance and takes initiative to make improvements and deliver results.
• Problem Solving – Identifies problems and seeks best solutions by being creative and innovative

• Autonomy
Works under general direction. Uses discretion in identifying and responding to complex issues and assignments. Usually receives specific instructions and has work reviewed at frequent milestones. Determines when issues should be escalated to a higher level.

• Influence
Interacts with and influences colleagues. Has working level contact with customers, suppliers and partners. May supervise others or make decisions which impact the work assigned to individuals or phases of projects.

• Complexity
Performs a range of work, sometimes complex and non routine, in a variety of environments. Applies methodical approach to issue definition and resolution.

• Business skills
Demonstrates an analytical and systematic approach to issue resolution. Takes the initiative in identifying and negotiating appropriate personal development opportunities. Demonstrates effective communication skills. Contributes fully to the work of teams. Plans, schedules and monitors own work (and that of others where applicable) competently within limited deadlines and according to relevant legislation, standards and procedures. Appreciates the wider business context, and how own role relates to other roles and to the business of the employer or client.