Group Data Analyst (API)

Job Title: Group Data Analyst (API)
Location: Cardiff Bay, Wales
Salary: £25k to £30k per annum depending on experience.
Department: Data
Reports To: Data Manager - Creditsafe International


As part of the data team based at the HQ of Creditsafe, the successful candidate would be required to assist with the mapping of data into a global data services API solution. The primary responsibilities will involve the analysis of new/existing data sets, identifying common elements, data mapping, testing and dealing with data queries.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Mapping of data elements from various sources, including XML and JSON, into common structures and enumerations used in our reports and other products.
• Maintaining mapping documentation and specifying rules and conditions for consistent data handling.
• Updating data dictionary definitions, based on investigation and dissemination of partner documentation and products.
• Data testing including comparing content between “raw” and “mapped” data services, and ensuring rules/transformations provide expected results.
• Working with extended teams maintaining a working relationship with them.
• Investigation and resolution of data queries from internal or external customers.

**Please note that the responsibility lists detailed above are not exhaustive and the data analyst may be requested to perform additional duties / take on additional responsibilities deemed as reasonable by their direct line manager.

Key Skills:

• MS Office or equivalent (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access etc.)
• Databases with an understanding of how they are updated and maintained.
• Data Analysis skills to query databases (e.g. SQL, Oracle)
• Communication software experience, e.g. E-mail, Slack, Skype, Zoom etc.
• Internet, Intranet, Share Point etc.
• A high level of mathematical ability
• The ability to analyse, model and interpret data
• Problem-solving skills
• A methodical and logical approach
• The ability to plan work and meet deadlines
• Accuracy and attention to detail
• Interpersonal skills
• Team working skills
• Written and verbal communication skills