Data Analyst

Job Title: Data Analyst
Location: Cardiff, Wales
Salary: £25,000.00 per annum
Department: Data Department
Reports To: Group Data Director

Reporting directly to the Group Data Director the responsibilities for this role include conducting full lifecycle analysis to include requirements, activities and design. A Data analyst will develop analysis and reporting capabilities. They will also monitor performance and quality control plans to identify improvements. Data analysis provides a valuable insight into customers’ behaviour and preferences at different stages of their relationship with the business. The Analyst will create reports for colleagues in sales, marketing and customer service, helping them to make more effective decisions. They will make recommendations on relationship strategies for different categories of customer or for individual customers.

Primary Responsibilities:

•Mapping data from sources including XML, JSON and database tables into structures used in our reports and other products.
• Data testing including comparing content and completeness between databases.
• Formulate techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data
• Identify, analyse, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
• Determines entities needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information.
• Filter and “clean” data by reviewing computer reports, printouts, and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems
• Work with management to prioritise business and information needs
• Locate and define new process improvement opportunities
• Assist with reports and data extraction when needed
• Generating reports from single or multiple systems
• Evaluating changes and updates to source production systems.
• Monitor and analyse information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing them (new technologies, upgrades etc.)
• Preparing reports based on analysis and presenting them internally to senior stakeholders.

**Please note that the responsibility lists detailed above are not exhaustive and the data analyst may be requested to perform additional duties / take on additional responsibilities deemed as reasonable by their direct line manager.

Candidate Specification

Key Skills

• MS Office or equivalent (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access etc.)
• Databases with an understanding of how they are updated and maintained.
• Data Analysis skills to query databases (e.g. SQL, Oracle and Python)
• Communication software experience, e.g. E-mail, Slack, Skype, Zoom etc.
• Internet, Intranet, Share Point etc.
• A high level of mathematical ability
• The ability to analyse, model and interpret data
• Problem-solving skills
• A methodical and logical approach
• The ability to plan work and meet deadlines
• Accuracy and attention to detail
• Interpersonal skills
• Team working skills
• Written and verbal communication skills