Customer Development Executive

Job Title: Customer Development Executive
Location: Caerphilly, Wales
Start Date: July 20, 2021
Department: Customer Service
Reports To: Jessica Jones

The successful candidate will be in charge of a new business portfolio of customers every month. Your role within the team will be to effectively train our customers on products within their package and focus on increasing usage. The team is essential for enabling Creditsafe customers to use our products and increase the renewability of the customers whilst on their first year experience.

You will also be responsible for assisting the CRM in reducing their current zero users and focusing on usage to improve renewability across the business.

You may also be responsible for nurturing prospects on a free trial over a 3 month period and passing leads when they are ready to be converted.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate the features and functions of products, communicate product benefits relevant to the target audience and assisting customers in understanding when, where and how they will use our products.
  • Facilitate web-based information sessions via video conferencing and remote sharing.
  • Ideally you would have an acceptable amount of experience in the delivery of customer interactions.
  • Ensure you actively remain up to date on Creditsafe products and services.
  • Actively participate and work towards meeting agreed team and individual targets and KPI’s.
  • Identify customer needs and suggest solutions.
  • Identify opportunities and pass leads to relevant sales teams.
  • Deadlining customers and sales people where zero usage sales need to be removed.
  • Ability to manually record stats and update systems daily.

Desired Skills and Attributes:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Technical competence (excellent knowledge of products, internal systems, office packages).
  • Self-motivated and used own initiative.
  • Punctual and organised.
  • Team player.