Rebecca Hughes


What attracted you to working at Creditsafe?

I joined Creditsafe in February 2008. The things that attracted me to Creditsafe were the culture of the company and the fun factor I had heard the company had.

What do you enjoy most about working at Creditsafe?

I enjoy the atmosphere of working with fun and motivated people! Most of all I love the internal progression the company offers their staff.

What is it that makes you stay with Creditsafe?

Our company is like no other I have worked for, it’s a fun place to work for but still has a professional edge. Staff are incentivised with generous commission & bonus schemes, additional prize incentives and I’ve even seen them give away holidays. Every year the top performers from each department are treated to an All Inclusive luxury holiday as part of the ‘Elite Club’, there have been trips to New York, Iceland, Amsterdam & Cuba.

Tell us about the career opportunities at Creditsafe

The career opportunities is the one thing I love most about the company. I started here 5 years ago as Telesales Executive, after 18 months I progressed to dealing with all New Business queries and disputes. Within a further 18 months I progressed again within the company and for the last two years I have been Process Manager for the New Business Department. If you want to work for a company that has natural internal progression then Creditsafe is the company for you!

What training have you been involved in with Creditsafe?

The company in my view has always excelled in my training. When I joined I had 2 weeks training with ongoing support and as I progressed on the team I was always offered further sales and product training, I always jumped at this chance. As I progressed through my roles the training I was offered continued, most recently I undertook an accredited Microsoft Excel training programme through a work based learning initiative with a local University, not only has this allowed me to gain valuable skill for my role but it has enabled me to earn a recognised qualification.

How has working at Creditsafe benefited your social life?

In the 5 years I have worked here I have gained a lot of friends, we all often socialise down the local pub as there are often pub lunch’s up for grabs for top teams etc. This is always a good way for old and new staff to socialise altogether.

How would you describe the Creditsafe office environment?

We have an office environment like no other I have ever worked in, we have music playing in the background which adds to the atmosphere and keeps moral high throughout the day. Although we have lots of fun factors we are still running a business and always keep it as professional as possible.

Why should people want to work for Creditsafe?

If you want to work for a company that is growing every year, that incentivises staff, that progress’s staff internally and has fun in the process then Creditsafe is the employer for you.

What in your mind is the single best thing about working for Creditsafe?

I just love the culture of the company and all the core values that we stand for; Fair, Courageous, Challenging and Different. I have enjoyed every minute of the 5 years I have worked here.

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