Nicky Griffiths


What attracted you to working at Creditsafe?

The opportunity that it gives people to progress and the famous Creditsafe culture.

What do you enjoy most about working at Creditsafe?

Winning big contracts and getting great recognition for my work.

What is it that makes you stay with Creditsafe?

The confidence that I’ve built while working here, I don’t think any other company could have had that effect on me. This place is life changing.

Tell us about the career opportunities at Creditsafe

It’s crazy. You can join the company as a Telesales Executive and as long as you work hard, show the right work ethic and perform well, you can ‘move up’ really quickly. People have made senior management and Director Level within four to five years!

What training have you been involved in with Creditsafe?

I have been on external courses for sales professionals and have received a lot of in-house coaching and career development.

How has working at Creditsafe benefited your social life?

It’s improved my self esteem and confidence. You should see me in a face to face sales situation or presentation now!

How would you describe the Creditsafe office environment?

The atmosphere is something you will never experience any where else. I can’t describe it, you have to live it.

Why should people want to work for Creditsafe?

Career opportunity, travel (around Europe and wider afield now we’ve launched in the USA,) and the ability to start a chapter in your life.

What in your mind is the single best thing about working for Creditsafe?

The company has changed my life. Creditsafe has made me a winner.

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