Natalie Rees


What attracted you to working at Creditsafe?

I was first attracted to Creditsafe because of its culture – the opportunities given to people are fantastic.

What do you enjoy most about working at Creditsafe?

I love working for Creditsafe because of its upbeat atmosphere and the people who work here.

What is it that makes you stay with Creditsafe?

My career! I’ve already progressed within the business and I plan to do a lot more of it!

Tell us about the career opportunities at Creditsafe

Creditsafe give you endless career opportunities here in the UK and Internationally and always look to give employees the opportunity to develop and progress.

What training have you been involved in with Creditsafe?

I have received masses of in-house training, from induction training to sales and management development. The company makes a ‘time investment’ in the training provided to all staff.

How has working at Creditsafe benefited your social life?

Through Creditsafe I have made friends for life. There is a definite ‘family’ created when working for Creditsafe.

How would you describe the Creditsafe office environment?

Fast paced, target driven, energetic and fun.

Why should people want to work for Creditsafe?

I would highly recommend working for Creditsafe as it’s an innovative company that is growing rapidly all over the world. The products and services really are market leading.

What in your mind is the single best thing about working for Creditsafe?

The ability to create a career for yourself.

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Regardless of organisation charts and reporting lines, we operate a flat management structure. A strict open door policy is followed and regular meetings update employees on how the company is progressing.

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