Rebecca McGrane


What attracted you to working at Creditsafe?

I knew there were going to be lots of opportunities for my personal progression and could see the great atmosphere when I arrived for my interview Interviews are nerve wrecking, but I felt completely at ease.

What do you enjoy most about working at Creditsafe?

The whole Creditsafe story, I feel proud to be part of it, where we have come from, where we are now and where we are going.

As much as it is high pressure for delivery, it is a relaxed work environment.

We’re not a rigid company bogged down by rules, policies, structures etc, we’re flexible.

What is it that makes you stay with Creditsafe?

I’d hate to be elsewhere missing out on the next big thing and I can’t imagine any company being the same. 9 years has flown by, so to still be enthusiastic, enjoying work and to still be committed to the cause – something must be right!

Tell us about the career opportunities at Creditsafe

From a personal perspective I came in as junior DBA, was then made Internal Applications Team Leader and now Head of IT.

Lots of other people have been given an opportunity for a career in IT without previous experience or degree, people have been given the opportunity to learn and develop coming from the sales floor and CRM departments.

There have been a lot of entry level roles that people have excelled in and progressed their own careers, they are now team leaders, developers etc.

What training have you been involved in with Creditsafe?

Each year I’ve been given training opportunities ranging from technical (Microsoft SQL, Microsoft .NET, Dynamics Navision) to project management (PRINCE, Agile / Scrum)

I’ve been certified by Microsoft 3 times.

How has working at Creditsafe benefited your social life?

After leaving my first IT job to work elsewhere, I never thought I would get back the fun I had with my colleagues in my first job. That changed when I joined Creditsafe, we know how to work hard but we also know how to enjoy ourselves. The company encourages people to mix, have fun and regularly provides entertainment. Oh and I met my husband here!

How would you describe the Creditsafe office environment?

Fast paced but informal, relaxed, open and friendly.

Why should people want to work for Creditsafe?

To know they can contribute and be part of a company that is going from strength to strength and growing rapidly.

The company has a fantastic approach to developing people.

Everyone has the opportunity to shine / stand out.

What in your mind is the single best thing about working for Creditsafe?

The Energy & drive.

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