Aaran Fahiya


What attracted you to working at Creditsafe?

Coming from the industry I was bored with the traditional way of working within a CRA, and I wanted a challenge. Back in 2006 Creditsafe were small, but were very much up and coming, and very ambitious. I wanted to help make Creditsafe improve and grow, 7 years on, we’re still growing and showing no sign of slowing down!

What do you enjoy most about working at Creditsafe?

The opportunity to feel successful, if you work hard you will get rewarded.

What is it that makes you stay with Creditsafe?

The people, and the vision of the company.

Tell us about the career opportunities at Creditsafe

As I mentioned above, if you work hard at Creditsafe then it is not uncommon for you to progress and get promoted. I started working for the UK business back in April 2006 as a Data Analyst, I subsequently moved to the Group shared service centre where I am now the Data Director.

What training have you been involved in with Creditsafe?

I have been on a number of training sessions / courses to help with my development, such as PRINCE2, however I have also commonly delivered training, especially to the sales teams to help them understand our products and what they can do for our customers.

How has working at Creditsafe benefited your social life?

I have made some good friends within Creditsafe, however when you talk about ‘social life’ what you have to think about are the GREAT Creditsafe parties!

How would you describe the Creditsafe office environment?

The environment is generally relaxed and friendly. The culture allows people to express their individuality – to sum it up…work hard, play hard!

Why should people want to work for Creditsafe?

If you want to succeed and are prepared to work hard then Creditsafe is the place for you.

What in your mind is the single best thing about working for Creditsafe?

The culture.

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