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The diagram below may look a little simplistic……..but it’s the truth!

The diagram below may look a little simplistic……..but it’s the truth!

Across Creditsafe a number of our country managers have progressed after first joining the company in a telesales role. And of course, career development is not just limited to staying in sales. You can see from our testimonials, we have helped people make complete career shifts across functions, for example from sales to highly skilled IT positions.

The great thing is that anyone joining Creditsafe has the opportunity to progress and develop a career, so how can they?

bullet Demonstrate a great work ethic (this doesn’t mean you spend your life in work! Far from it, - just show us what you’re capable when you are in work)

bullet Show a willingness to progress within the organisation (attend development events, work well with your line manager and gain a thorough understanding of future career options and what those roles entail)

bullet Have a voice (if you have ideas, share them …..make a difference to our company)

bullet Help to develop others (if you want to move into a new role, there needs to be someone there to fill the vacancy that you create!)

bullet Focus on the ‘job that you are in for now’ with Creditsafe and perform to the highest degree you can (it’s great to have ambition and a desire to progress, but while your planning your next career move, make sure that you are excelling in the job you are already in)

Some interesting figures

Over 70% of the Senior managers and Directors of the Group progressed from sales to their current role

Between 2013 and 2018 – staff levels in the Creditsafe Group are planned to double!

Over 80% of the middle management team have been promoted to their current role from a sales role after joining Creditsafe

At any point in time around 10 staff across the Group are working in a country other than their “home base” as they develop their careers and those of their colleagues

In 2012 alone over 30% of the UK work force progressed within the career development framework.

New starters received over 100 training & coaching hours during their Induction period.

Each sales person receives over 5 hours team training / team building per week. That’s approx 260 hours per year!

500 - the number of staff that attended the Creditsafe 15 year Celebration Event in Alcudia, Majorca in September 2012.



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