About Creditsafe

What we do

Creditsafe is the world’s most-used provider of on-line company credit reports. Creditsafe supply business information to our customers to help them make better decisions, know who they are dealing with and protect their businesses from the threat of bad debt.

We provide top quality company credit reports that are easy to use for the non-specialist but contain all the data and information an expert user could want.

We sell our customers freedom access annual subscriptions that offer great value.

Creditsafe believes in being challenging, courageous and different, we were the pioneers in selling over the telephone and delivering our product on-line to drive down our customers’ costs and ensure up-to-the-minute data freshness.

Creditsafe now owns the world’s largest single joined-up company credit information database meaning that our company credit reports always let you see the global picture including the companies overseas they’d like you not to know about. With Creditsafe there’s nowhere to hide!

A bit of history

Creditsafe was originally founded in Norway in 1997, and after moving to Sweden in 1998 the company began its European expansion opening offices in the UK in 2000, France in 2006, Ireland in 2007, Holland in 2008, Germany in 2010 and Belgium in 2011. The company crossed the Atlantic with the opening of Creditsafe USA in September 2012 and then followed this with the launch of Creditsafe Italy in Turin in May 2013 .

Some facts and figures

By the end of 2014 Creditsafe should have:-

bullet Sold over €100M worth of reports in just one year

bullet Delivered over 75 million on-line company credit reports – that’s more than 10 a second!

bullet Looked after more than 80,000 customers around the world!

bullet Employed over 1000 staff with 200 new positions created!

What we’re like

It’s the people who make the difference at Creditsafe. They create the unique Creditsafe culture. Creditsafe in the UK were proud to be named as one of the Sunday Times’ 100 Best Companies To Work For for three years running in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

To really find out what we’re like why not visit “Why work here?” or click on one of our colleagues’ stories to get a real feel for our special company.

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